Gladbrook Corn Carnival
Gladbrook Corn Carnival

YOU Asked..... WE Answered!!

 We get many Frequently Asked Questions that are sent our way about the Gladbrook Corn Carnival. 
We thought this might be a fun way to get everyone “in the loop.”

“Where do I find schedules and information?”

        (Right here on this website!  Or....  click here for more details)

•  “How are the Corn Cob Queen candidates selected and who have been past Queens?”                                  Click here for answers

•  “How do I get involved and/or volunteer?”    Click here for answers

•  “Why do we sell raffle tickets and have fundraising events?”   

                                                    Click here for answers

•  “Who have been past Grand Marshals of the Friday night Grand Parade?”                                        Click here for answers

•  “How many volunteer hours go into Corn Carnival each year?”

                                Click here for answers

•  “What does it cost to put on the Corn Carnival and the Grand Parade?”  

                                Click here for answers

•  “Where do Corn Carnival profits go?”        Click here for answers

•  " What are things most people don't know about Corn Carnival?"

            Click here for Trivia Questions        Click here for answers