Gladbrook Corn Carnival

June 17 - 20, 2021

The Gladbrook Corn Carnival is an annual event celebrated in Gladbrook, Iowa. It is well known for its Friday evening Grand Parade. There is Free entertainment every night. Many families and friends gather during the Corn Carnival celebration, and Gladbrook/G-R High School class reunions are often held concurrently with Corn Carnival festivities.

This celebration, hosted by the Gladbrook Community, organized by the Gladbrook Corn Carnival Corporation, is made possible by the endless cooperative effort of the residents and businesses in and around Gladbrook that make this community their home. The proceeds of the celebration are funneled back into the community by funding projects aimed at improving quality of life for those in and around Gladbrook.

   The Corn Carnival Corporation wishes to Thank all who donate time, money and resources that contribute to the yearly success of our small town celebration!

“The views and opinions expressed by individuals/other organizations during Corn Carnival events are their own, and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of Corn Carnival Corporation. Corn Carnival Corporation reserves the right to prohibit any public displays, actions or activities deemed unacceptable by the board, which may result in individuals or groups not being allowed to participate in or attend Corn Carnival events.”