YOU Asked..... WE Answered!!

 We get many Frequently Asked Questions that are sent our way about the Gladbrook Corn Carnival. We thought this might be a fun way to get everyone “in the loop.”  

“Where do I find schedules and information?”

       (Right here on this website!  Or....  click here for more details)

•  “How are the Corn Cob Queen candidates selected and who have been past Queens?”     Click here for answers

•  “How do I get involved and/or volunteer?”     Click here for answers

•  “Why do we sell raffle tickets and have fundraising events?”   

                                                    Click here for answers

•  “Who have been past Grand Marshals of the Friday night Grand Parade?”                                Click here for answers

•  “How many volunteer hours go into Corn Carnival each year?”

                                                    Click here for answers

•  “What does it cost to put on the Corn Carnival and the Grand Parade?”                                 Click here for answers

•  “Where do Corn Carnival profits go?”         Click here for answers

•  " What are things most people don't know about Corn Carnival?"

            Click here for Trivia Questions        Click here for answers